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Hanging out a new shingle

Giving WordPress a try to see if it is more amenable to customization than Blogger.

Now that is some incentive

Russia is obviously a different beast than the US.

Well go figure

This morning’s SCOTUS ruling surprised me. I would have bet good money this ruling was going the other way.

I’ve never fired a gun in my life (surprising given my mom’s side of the family 🙂 ), but damn I want the right to have one. Especially with Obama taking away our SUVs, HVACs, and food.

Now if we can get conceal carry moving forward 🙂

Amy heading out of town for a few days

She’s off to Phoenix with one of her friends from Indiana to spend a couple of days in the sun getting some R&R. Leaves me with the boys for three unsupervised days, which I predict will mean lots of donuts, pizza, late nights, video games, hiking, and general not-cleaning-up-what-we-should-be-cleaning-up.

Another Lake Chelan Animoto

Different music

Lake Chelan Animoto Video

Took me a while to create this, but here’s my first pass.

A moment of silence and respect

Our deep gratitude for those men and women of uniform who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and justice. I have just downloaded “Beyond Band of Brothers” for my Amazon Kindle and really looking forward to a great read.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Can’t wait to see the look on Amy’s face on what the kids picked out for her…

Hortons did NOT fire a worker over a Timbit

For those that think that Horton’s really fired someone over a Timbit, let me explain it to you: they fired her because they wanted to fire her, and the Timbit was the policy excuse they used.

Companies don’t fire employees over 20 cents. They use silly policies as reasons to fire bad employees.

If there ever was a case for child abuse…

this definitely would fit the bill.

Only thing worse would be if someone let their kid wear a Notre Dame jersey for that long. Or even once.

And I thought Spencer showed obsessive behavior.

Seriously, every day for four and a half years? Yikes. At least put the kid in a Zetterberg jersey if you’re going to do that.