More Supreme Court Lunacy

No death penalty for child rape.

The justices quotes from the article are simply mind-boggling in belittling child rape. I don’t need to disect them here, you’ll be outraged on your own.

The judge that talked about proportion… are you referring to an “eye-for-and-eye”? If so, I am all for that. Let’s let these child rapists get raped in prison. Good idea.

So, if you’re keeping score in this great country of ours:

1. We have two socialists squaring off for President that are better suited for the old Soviet Union than they are the United States (or at least the United States as envisioned by the founding fathers).
2. Congress, well, enough said about those idiots (Sen. Inhofe exempted). I have an email from Washington Senator Maria Cantwell trying to explain to me that drilling in ANWR and off the US coast won’t actually decrease the price of gas. It takes real gall to insult my intelligence directly – at least it was a form letter and not a personal insult.
3. And now we have a Supreme Court that has proven how out of touch they are with the American people.

God help us with McCain or Obama get into the White House and start appointing socialist, soft-on-crime judges across the country.

Who’d have thought I’d see the day where moving to an Eastern European country would be a good move to raise my family.

2 responses to “More Supreme Court Lunacy

  1. Hi James,

    I can understand you might be frustrated but do you really think that Eastern Europe will be a better place than the US to raise your children.

    Read up on some of the current issues in Poland, Russia and Romania and maybe you will realise that your system, although imperfect, is pretty darn good.

    Also, have a look at some of the politics of the German Party “Die Linke” to understand what socialist can really mean.


  2. James V Reagan

    Hey Sara, always great to hear from you 🙂 I hope all is well with you.

    I’m not quite packing my bags for the old Soviet republics, but I am impressed by the general attitude in the old Warsaw Pact countries (Russia aside) than the current attitude embodied by our politicians in the US. The attitude in Georgia (which I think is similar to several former Soviet Bloc countries) is “hey we’ve been down this socialist/communist path before, it sucks, we’re going for personal responsibility and capitalism). It’s this attitude I hope to instill in my kids. Then they can come back to the US and work 😉

    I guess am extra sensitive to this based on where I currently live. One of the Seattle editorialists actually wrote that Hilter was justified invading Hungary and Poland because “well those folks speak German.” And while there was a national outcry against his comments, here in the Socialist Republic of Seattle that attitude was generally supported.

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