John Coleman’s (founder of TWC) latest transcript on global warming

John Coleman has debunked the global warming myth from day one. Here’s his latest, a transcript from his talk in front of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

I think a single quote summarizes what is at stake (emphasis mine):

I think stamping out the global warming scam is vital to saving our wonderful way of life.


3 responses to “John Coleman’s (founder of TWC) latest transcript on global warming

  1. James, please, travel to India or China and tell me that the American Way of Life is sustainable globally.

    Label it whatever you want: we consumer more energy than we can afford in the Western world.

    Until we find a clean and safe way to satisfy the enormous hunger for energy the world will have, we better think sustainability in EVERYTHING we do. I am working on a paper coined “Sustainable Product Development”, to talk about the unnecessary waste ordinary product development introduces (the additional button on the appliance being the starting point)… interested?


  2. James V Reagan

    Of course sustainability is a good thing, I don’t think you’ll find a single person on earth who will disagree with that. I have always supported sustainability and enviro-friendly initiatives. And so has the US (and Western Europe), hence the dramatic reduction in pollution in the West, the reversal of the depletion of our ozone layer, etc.

    But bogus scare-tactics create bigger societal problems and hurt too many people. The current global food shortage is one example of that. Trying to stop carbon emissions (or worse, the stupid carbon-offset industry which drains resources out of environmental initiatives) is not nearly as useful as actually working to mainstream alternative energy sources.

    Of course, when the global warming scam is put to rest I can complain about other things, like why the State of Washington doesn’t consider hydro-power a renewable energy resource.

  3. 😀 Glad to see that we have a lot of common ground.

    I deeply agree with you on the madness called “Ethanol” (which is what I think you are referring to). The energy balance is HORRIFIC, it supports the wrong goals (making it ok to continue long commutes). Yep: Carbon trading is the politicians view of the world: simplistic and short-sighted. Sounds like an economy, is pig-barreling on a global scale. Let’s reward sustainable value creation, not cunning.

    Here are a couple of ideas on how to tackle Global Warning / Energy issues / etc:

    * Tax more on petrol. I know that’s really popular, but it really does work. Right now, the gallon of gas costs $15 in Germany. Breath in, repeat. FIFTEEN DOLLARS a gallon. Has one immediate effect: telecommuting is REALLY attractive for everybody involved, which is exactly what you want to do to the folks in sub- and x-urbia. Stop them from driving. Great article in Wired in that one, too.

    * Tax companies based on how far their employees have to drive to get to work. Will drive telepresence even higher, since companies are in the business of cost avoidance almost as badly as households are.

    * DON’T EARMARK, MOVE IN A STRAIGHT LINE from this addition tax income to investment into alternative energy generation and utilization. A dollar taxed has to be a dollar spend. Our battery tech is ancient! ANCIENT. We need money, state-money if nothing else works, to be POURED into this field. Better batteries mean more efficient storage of energy means a break on the gas tie.

    Pew. Done. Will fold soap box away.


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