Sidney Crosby game 2 press conference

For those that didn’t catch it….

With all the whining from the Pens, I might have to change my prediction to a sweep. Clearly the little kids from armPitt are rattled.


2 responses to “Sidney Crosby game 2 press conference

  1. Now the Red Wings are cheating…

    “It’s really tough to generate offense against that team,” Therrien said. “They’re good on obstruction. It’s going to be tough to generate any type of offense if the rules remain the same. So, it’s the first time we’re facing a team [where] the obstruction is there and we’re having a hard time skating to take away ice.”

  2. James V Reagan

    Therrien’s comments were bad last night as well, but I took that to be as much about a language barrier as whining. Crosby will learn (like the Wings did in the mid-90s) that you can’t complain about the refs and expect to win the Cup.

    By the way, Pens, its called DEFENSE, something you haven’t seen in the East 🙂

    If the Pens continue to focus on the officiating, Ozzie gets 4 shutouts and this is a sweep.

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