Interesting times in Lake Chelan

We knew something was up when the resort we had reservations for contacted us a month or so ago and asked us for a $500 damage deposit for this weekend. And last night when we drove in we saw security and police everywhere – you’d think we drove into Detroit during the NBA finals.

Apparently Lake Chelan is a hotbed for college kids Memorial Day weekend. So far we haven’t been inconvenienced – in fact, we are better off for it… nobody is on our end of the beach (Campbell’s reserved it for families and older folks, apparently), jet skis are aplenty (apparently college kids can afford beer and room and that’s it), and lines at restaurants have been non-existent (apparently in their drunken stupor college kids forget to eat). Nice to see college kids are the same as when I was in school 20 years ago. Although Lake Chelan has nothing on “Indiana Beach on Lake Shafer.” Bwahahaha!

Anyway, I got to see two kids toted away by the local sherriff in handcuffs from the Safeway, and got to see a group of ditzy (probably sober, tough to tell with blondes) girls panic as they managed to lock their keys in a car that was running (which in full disclosure I’ve done in my day). All in a trip to the Safeway across the street. Looks like hanging out on the beach is not where the action is.

Looks like Garrett got too much sun… he’s not very lively this evening and is cuddled in bed. Keeping an eye on him and getting Gatorade pumped into him. Good thing Amy puts a quarter inch of SPF 2 million sunscreen on the boys.

And someone shoot me next time I order a burger in the Pacific Northwest. My god making a burger is not that hard, and I have yet to see anyone get it right except Fatburger. Tonight’s burger, from a bar no less, was pathetic compared to McDonalds.

We brought the Wii, which is one nice thing about the size of the Wii. We packed it in a kids suitcase, including all the controllers which include two racing wheels and two crossbows. Kept the kids busy last night.

Some fun pics to follow. Available at my SmugMug account until I get them posted here. I was able to get out on the Waverunner with Spencer so I was happy. Will be out on the lake tomorrow.


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