Three days of spring in the Pacific Northwest

The gods smiled upon the Seattle area for the last three days, parting the clouds and letting the sun through. Summer here doesn’t start until mid-July, so quite nice to put the REI rain jacket away for a couple of days and do a full house search for my sunglasses.

We spent Saturday morning trying to sell our junk at the community garage sale, enjoyed a couple evenings of grilling out, let the kids around the ‘hood play our in crappy little pool, and made it down to Snoqualmie Falls to check out the high level of water flow.

The Falls were cool. For a couple minutes until this conversation started.

Spencer: “Dad, I’m going to the rock!”
Me: “The Rock?”
Spencer: “Yeah… THEEE rock!”
Garrett (in his ear-shattering scream that people have come to know and love): “DA WOK! DA WOK! AIEEEEE!”

At this point I look at Amy with a quizzical look as the boys take off from the observation deck. I know we’re in trouble when Garrett insists on walking instead of being carried. They dart into a lawn area and make their way to “the rock.” Oh yeah, now I remember, the rock. A giant chuck of stone that the kids love to play on. Nevermind North America’s tallest waterfall that we are lucky to enjoy a mile from our house. We come to Snoqualmie Falls Park to play on “the rock.”

Took a lot of pictures this weekend, here’s a sample.

It’s on as the water fight hits full steam.

Wow, blue sky, cool. Haven’t seen that in 8 months.

Keeping cool

There’s my pride and joy that I can’t stop talking about and bragging about. And to the left of it is my son, Garrett.

Took a little stroll around the neighborhood.

A shot of the falls.

Facing downstream from the falls, the mist created can be seen in this shot. Never gotten wet on the walking paths here before. Pretty cool.

There it is, the rock, in all its glory.

A wild beast wandered into the park, scaring Spencer…

The Rock.


One response to “Three days of spring in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Terry Hoeppner would be proud!

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