Three years in the Emerald City

Just realized that three years ago our family awoke from our first night in Seattle. Seems like only yesterday I was pulling our rental car in front of our temporary housing at 10pm, driving past the “Lusty Lady” adult establishment, and seeing the look of “James where the &*$% are you moving us?” on Amy’s face.

What an interesting three years it has been:

  • I’ve taken up hiking as a serious activity, getting out into the mountains at least a couple times a month. And to my surprise enjoying it.
  • I’ve actually found a consistent group of friends to hang out with (ok they are my neighbors but hey at least I am voluntarily getting out of the house… even if it is across the street).
  • I’ve learned to like a “small city.” I used to be snide about cities that don’t have the amenities of a Chicago or New York; now I realize those cities also don’t have the crime, traffic, smog, or asshole level that the big cities have.
  • Spencer has gone from being a pre-schooler to finishing up his second year in school.
  • Garrett has gone from a four month old to a three year old, and now he thinks that the sun doesn’t exist due to all the cloud cover.
  • I’ve learned to overspend on buying a house and like it
  • I’ve learned to overspend on crappy restaurant food and deal with it
  • I’ve learned that you can’t complain about anything in this town without prefixing it with “It’s Bush’s Fault that…”
  • I’ve learned to say “no worries” without thinking
  • I’ve learned its impossible to see my friends and their families as much as I would like to
  • I’ve learned to adjust being a long way away from my folks and my roots
  • I’ve learned to appreciate and cherish those roots
  • I’ve learned the locals here respect those roots and “Midwest values”
  • I’ve learned posting on this blog is a lot easier than coordinating time zones, plus I don’t have to talk to people
  • And finally, I’ve learned that time flies and you really have to carpe diem.

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