A night at Safeco Field

The Good Guys are in town for a three game weekend series, so we grabbed tix for the Saturday night game. Yeah, Saturday night, in May, in Seattle. Such beautiful weather for a ball game. Everyone grab turtle necks, sweatshirts, and a jacket, we’re going to a baseball game!

We were treated to a big second inning for the Sox, six runs including two that went yard near our center field seats. We sat in the family section, and always amazes me how many people don’t see “FAMILY SECTION – NO ALCOHOL” on their tickets or on the section entrance. “Gee there’s a lot of kids here tonight.” No shit sherlock, any guess why you’re surrounded by a bunch of rugrats hyper on pop and cotton candy? Always keeps the ushers busy, and always a look of disbelief on the fans’ faces who are moved to another section.

Safeco field has a really cool play area with, what else, a baseball theme. Spencer and Garrett got to enjoy that a couple of times. They also got the kids meal deal, which for like $5 you get a dog, a milk, cracker jacks, and a souvenier bucket. Given that dogs are like $6 normally, it indeed is a good deal.

I of course had to partake in a chili dog, and quite sad that the best chili dogs in Seattle are at Safeco.

Always a fun time. Especially the 30 minute wait to get out of the parking garage after the game.

Oh yeah, the good guys won 8-4. “You can put it on the board, YE-ESSSSS!”


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