A new Amazon Kindle

My Amazon Kindle had a little problem with the eInk display going on the fritz, so I called Amazon Customer Service last Friday and they shipped a replacement one. It took some time re-configuring it online – I had to deregister the original one and register the new one – as well as reactivate my newspaper subscriptions, but looks like all is good on the new advice. Everything can be done through the web, including resending your previously purchased books to your new Kindle. Boo ya!

I will say this: I’m addicted to reading the morning papers on the Kindle. Amazing how quickly I have gotten into the habit of catching up on the news by whipping out the Kindle first thing in the morning. Very handy.


2 responses to “A new Amazon Kindle

  1. 2:57 am is not “first thing in the morning.” That’s “the last thing at night.”

  2. James V Reagan

    Now THAT’S funny!

    All these nighttime conference calls with India have me confused on what’s daytime and what’s nightime.

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