A happy ending (I hope) to my Fathead story

We got a Purdue helmet Fathead a few months back, and put it up in our kids’ play room as part of our repainting it as a football theme (turned out way, way, cool… kudos to Amy for the idea and actually doing it with no help from me). And, as I recounted on my other blog, I had a very disappointing experience with Fathead after contacting their customer service when our Fathead simply fell off the wall.

I wasn’t disappointed in a crappy product – that happens, buyer beware, blah, blah, blah. I was upset that they used a customer complaint touchpoint to try and sell me another product. Wow that’s bad in my book. Like real bad.

Sure enough, a couple days after my post, someone from Fathead leaves a comment on my blog and asks me to contact them. So I do, and they ask me for my address so they can send me a replacement. To paraphrase them “we simply can’t have a situation where we turn a raving fan into an upset customer.” Fodder for any company out there, seriously.

Turns out their PR dept saw my post and decided they wanted to make me a happy customer (what a concept). Good for them to monitor the web to see how their product is being received and how their brand is being defined.

Last week we got our replacement Fathead, and we have it lying flat (it comes in a tube and needs to straighten out). Will try and put it up this Sunday. And hopefully it stays up!


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