Daily Archives: April 30, 2008

Importing your LinkedIn contacts into Twitter

I keep my contacts in LinkedIn. I consider it my master source, and I try and have all other Web 2.0 apps import from there. Twitter does not have an import-from-LinkedIn feature.

I happened to be trying to look up a LinkedIn contact’s email information, and when I saw the link to download a vcard, I wondered “hmmm… I wonder if I can mass download all my contacts?” So I did a little digging, and sure enough you can export your contacts from LinkedIn.

In doing so, LinkedIn gives you a number of export options, including Outlook, Yahoo, Mac OS X address book, and vcard. Twitter can scan your contacts from GMail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and Hotmail. The common link is Yahoo, so you will need to have a Yahoo account to pull this off.

I just exported from LinkedIn, imported into Yahoo (LinkedIn gives directions on how to do this), then went to Twitter and imported from Yahoo. Worked like a charm.

You can now delete accounts on Facebook

No idea how long this feature has been around, but six months ago I was not able to delete my account, all I could do was disable it. For some reason I went into my account last week, and was able to dig and found an area where you can request that Facebook delete your entire account and all data associated with it. It’s a manual process, apparently, as you file a request. A few days later, I got an email saying the account had been deleted, and sure enough if I go back to Facebook I cannot log in.

So, for those concerned with Facebook’s callous attitude toward privacy, this might put you at ease. If, that is, that they truly delete your data 🙂 At this point I wouldn’t put anything past Facebook.