Five questions for Matt Millen

Ok, I’ve watched Millen cut half our starters, have watched him not sign anyone to replace them, and watched the draft. I must say, I am worried about the next five years of the Lions, and I was very upbeat after last years 7-9 season. So, Matt…

  1. What are your plans to develop a QB for the future? Jon Kitna, is, like, almost my age, or, put another way, he’s getting old. Are you really hanging your hat on Stanton and Orlovsky taking the Lions to the Super Bowl?
  2. Can you please shed your brilliance with me on cutting your starting cornerbacks and then following that up with not drafting any corners?
  3. If you wanted a bruising running back between the tackles, why haven’t you resigned TJ Duckett?
  4. Just what is the exact nature of your relationship with domestic terrorist William Ayers and why do you deny involvement with him? (Oh, wait, that’s one of my five questions for Barack Obama.)
  5. Seriously, were you disappointed in last year’s 7 win season and working desparately to get back to 2-3 win seasons? I would love to understand your logic behind these off-season moves.

One response to “Five questions for Matt Millen

  1. I think for the cornerback statement/question, I think you should take a look at Tampa Bay from 1986-2008 where they did not draft a corner in the first round. It is not seen as a priority in the Tampa 2 system where the focus is merely on rushing the QB and setting up a fast MLB to take care of the run and low pass coverage.

    But the rest…. valid valid questions. Mine is why did you trade down and take Godsper when Brendan Albert was available right there. Or move up to take Kevin Smith (2 picks up) when there was no one else in front of you likely to grab him.

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