Thank you Captain Obvious

Nice to see our tax dollars being spent to answer such challenging questions like uh… what would happen if we charged people lots of money to drive on our roads? The shocking finding: people would drive less. Really? Wow, utter shock.

I hear Washington has a great school system; maybe these reporters are from out of state.

Let me at $3 million in federal tax dollars and I’ll be more than happy to answer obvious questions like “who likes the Seattle Seagals more, men or women?” and “does consuming more alcohol make people more or less coherent?”

From the article:
“At the core of the study was a groundbreaking experiment: Researchers recruited drivers in 275 Seattle-area households to pay virtual tolls — with real-world economic consequences — then observed how their driving patterns changed.”

Groundbreaking? Maybe if you were educated with an innertube and a banana. Anyone with an IQ higher than that of a shag carpet would have figured that out.

By the way, this study follows another “groundbreaking study”: reducing the amount of land available for private use increases the market value of private land. Really? You mean my Econ 101 professor wasn’t lying to me about supply and demand? Gee, thanks for that key piece of insight. I could have told you that when I bought this house three years ago.

This is what passes for news in this town.


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