Cool Amazon Kindle finds

Two days ago I opened my Amazon Kindle and went to the store to try and see if they had any books on Taoism, specifically Tao Te Ching. Sure enough, they did, and after hunting and pecking through the several books they had, I actually found one for $2.36 (I assumed it would be a simple transaction without commentary, which is exactly what I want). Ka-ching!

Then, a blurb caught my attention – because it was Earth Day I was able to download, for free, a copy of Go Green, Live Rich. Well what do ya know, Earth Day is good for something after all. So I downloaded it. My first comedy title on the Kindle.

So, two books for $2.36. My dad is either beaming with pride right now on my cheapness or wondering what kind of life I live to live a life of such excess.

That leads me to some feature requests for the Kindle:

  1. Show prices in the search results list. To toggle back and forth, especially on a Kindle with its wireless conncetion and slow page refresh is painful. I abandon the store
  2. Give me a way to find free and cheap books. You’ll get my money, I get books. Good deal for both of us. As it stands, I don’t have the time to hunt through each price of 115,000 books to see which ones are bargains.

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