Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

TBall on Snoqualmie Ridge

Yesterday was the first day of practice for TBall on Snoqualmie Ridge. Only two teams were scheduled to practice, one of those teams couldn’t make it due to short notice of the practice schedule, and the other team went ahead and practiced despite the rain. Hey, in Seattle, it’s probably going to rain anyway, so might as well go on with practice.

I’ve spent the last four weeks putting together teams, including accomodating coach and player requests (so-and-so wants to play with so-and-so), adding late registrations, recruiting managers and coaches, getting coaches their uniforms and equipment, collecting background check forms on the coaches, and fielding a myriad of questions from parents and coaches. And the season just started yesterday 🙂

Play Ball! Nice to see the league get started without any hiccups. Keeping my fingers crossed that its all downhill from here!