The T-Birds

Took the family to the Seattle Thunderbirds first home playoff game of the second round. With the series tied 1-1, playing the Tri-City Americans, Amy picked me up from work and we headed to Key Arena, where we surprisingly found parking right next to Key Arena. Literally there were maybe 10 parking spots closer to the arena than us. Obviously not going to be a sell out 🙂

At the first T-Birds game, they had a number of Army related activities – they swore in 18 new recruits into the Army in a ceremony (I was surpirsed that the Seattle crowd didn’t erupt in a chorus of boos when President Bush’s name was mentioned), the Army had a number of booths through the arena, including their cool Humvees, and during intermission a Humvees circled the ice with soldiers shooting teeshirts into the crowd. As such, Spencer decided to don one of his army shirts, and I confused him by wearing a Red Wings jersey to a Seattle game.

After enjoying a gourmet (tic) pre-game meal in the concourse, the game got off to a fun start, with Seattle scoring in the first four minutes on a pretty wrister to go up 1-0. By the end of the first period, Tri-City had pulled ahead 2-1. Seattle tied it in the second period leading to a climatic third period where they started the period on the power play. Alas, they did not take advantage of it (nor did they take advantage of a 5-3 earlier), and ended up losing 3-2.

This time we participated in the “Chuck-a-Puck” – a really cool fundraiser/promotion where you can purchase foam rubber pucks that you try and throw into the open sunroof of a car at center ice during second intermission. While the crowd was only 3000 strong, I swear everyone must have bought three pucks as the air and ice was littered with a barrage of orange-colored projectiles. Spencer gave it his best shot, but we didn’t win anything.

They are at home again tonight, not sure if we will head down or not.


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