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Importing your LinkedIn contacts into Twitter

I keep my contacts in LinkedIn. I consider it my master source, and I try and have all other Web 2.0 apps import from there. Twitter does not have an import-from-LinkedIn feature.

I happened to be trying to look up a LinkedIn contact’s email information, and when I saw the link to download a vcard, I wondered “hmmm… I wonder if I can mass download all my contacts?” So I did a little digging, and sure enough you can export your contacts from LinkedIn.

In doing so, LinkedIn gives you a number of export options, including Outlook, Yahoo, Mac OS X address book, and vcard. Twitter can scan your contacts from GMail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and Hotmail. The common link is Yahoo, so you will need to have a Yahoo account to pull this off.

I just exported from LinkedIn, imported into Yahoo (LinkedIn gives directions on how to do this), then went to Twitter and imported from Yahoo. Worked like a charm.

You can now delete accounts on Facebook

No idea how long this feature has been around, but six months ago I was not able to delete my account, all I could do was disable it. For some reason I went into my account last week, and was able to dig and found an area where you can request that Facebook delete your entire account and all data associated with it. It’s a manual process, apparently, as you file a request. A few days later, I got an email saying the account had been deleted, and sure enough if I go back to Facebook I cannot log in.

So, for those concerned with Facebook’s callous attitude toward privacy, this might put you at ease. If, that is, that they truly delete your data 🙂 At this point I wouldn’t put anything past Facebook.

Some pics of the Pacific Northwest

Took my camera on a couple bike outings.

An awesome evening at Jak’s in Issaquah

Everyone knows my favorite restaurant in the Seattle area is Jak’s Grill in downtown Issaquah. Steaks that would make the Midwest proud.

Amy and I treated our neighbors Jon and Noelle to a night out last night. They will be moving to Germany in a couple of months, and after getting to know them the last three years we are going to miss them dearly. They have very similar values, personalities, and backgrounds as Amy and I, which is why we get along so well. So, before Jon ships out to Germany in three weeks we decided to take them out.

We got to Jak’s at 5:30, and put our names in for an 1:45-2hr wait. As usual, we migrated two doors down to Room 38, and we able to enjoy a couple rounds before our table was ready at 7:15. No hockey on the big screen though, which is not unusual for Seattle.

We all partook in Jak’s signature Saturday night special – Filet Oscar. A perfectly grilled-to-order Filet Mignon topped with fresh King Crab meat and an amazing Biarnaise sauce. It is what Amy usually orders, and, not wanting to trade in my man card just yet, I stick to a basic steak. Never disappointed in doing that, but this time wanted to give the Filet Oscar a whirl. So glad I did.

We all also opted for the UFO potatoes – a scoop of garlic mashed potatoes topped with a crispy, pan-fried, potato pancake. It’s not even on the menu, but they’ll serve it up if you ask for it. So ask for it.

Jak’s even makes veggies taste good – last night I finished off my carrots and broccoli, much to Amy’s surprise.

All that paired with a fine bottle of Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon made for a terrific meal. And better yet, great stories, tons of laughs, and I even helped some polluted drunk guy to his feet in the bathroom (no it wasn’t Jon).

Afterward, Jon and I reluctantly opted for a slice of their homemade cheesecake, and weren’t disappointed. The ladies opted for some after-dinner drink, but I wasn’t paying too much attention (worried about my cheesecake dammit). No wonder I’m having trouble losing pounds even though I am exercising more.

So we ended up back home at 9:30 and relieved the babysitter, and spent the next two and half hours playing Rockband. Had to call it a night after our singer called it quits. 🙂

To top it all off they had Spencer spend the night with their kids, and the kids had fun. Garrett was invited to spend the night as well, but when he saw where he would be sleeping he turned to Amy and said “I seep in my bed mom?”

I am going to really miss our neighbors. Hopefully we can squeeze some more fun and memories in before they leave.

Five questions for Matt Millen

Ok, I’ve watched Millen cut half our starters, have watched him not sign anyone to replace them, and watched the draft. I must say, I am worried about the next five years of the Lions, and I was very upbeat after last years 7-9 season. So, Matt…

  1. What are your plans to develop a QB for the future? Jon Kitna, is, like, almost my age, or, put another way, he’s getting old. Are you really hanging your hat on Stanton and Orlovsky taking the Lions to the Super Bowl?
  2. Can you please shed your brilliance with me on cutting your starting cornerbacks and then following that up with not drafting any corners?
  3. If you wanted a bruising running back between the tackles, why haven’t you resigned TJ Duckett?
  4. Just what is the exact nature of your relationship with domestic terrorist William Ayers and why do you deny involvement with him? (Oh, wait, that’s one of my five questions for Barack Obama.)
  5. Seriously, were you disappointed in last year’s 7 win season and working desparately to get back to 2-3 win seasons? I would love to understand your logic behind these off-season moves.

Tips for Seattle drivers

Not growing up in Seattle I’m not really sure how the driving schools work here. Or even if drivers are required to take a driving test to get their license. Based on what I’ve witnessed over the last few years, I’d like to offer the Seattle community my advice. And, in doing so, I think I can eliminate traffic congestion in the Seattle area, with no increase in taxes.

In no particular order…

  1. HANG UP YOUR FVCKING PHONES! Dammit this just pisses me off. No shortages of idiots driving way to slow on freeways in this town, clogging traffic. And 90% of the time its someone yapping on their phone. It is really, really irritating watching half the drivers on the road engrossed on their phones. Take the bus, people.
  2. Repeat after me: SLOWER TRAFFIC MOVE RIGHT. Related to #1, just get your slow ass out of the way so some of us can actually accelerate our cars up to the posted speed limit. Thank you.
  3. If you are driving 65 in a 70, and you see a cop, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES and bring your speed down to 55. Assmunch.
  4. The purpose of an on-ramp is to GET YOUR SPEED UP AND MATCH THE SPEED OF TRAFFIC. Most on-ramps in Seattle are beautiful – like a quarter mile long. Great for getting up to speed(as opposed to those crazy short ones in the middle of downtown Chicago to get on the Dan Ryan). GOT IT?
  5. DO NOT SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES to try and move right to get off the freeway. Either a) get your dumb ass in the right lane sooner, or b) go to the next exit. Jesus frickin Christ people.
  6. Can someone explain to me why drivers in this town do 60 on the freeways if they are dry, but if they have a little ice on them people drive 80? WTF? Gee, I wonder why there are five cars flipped over in the ditch on my right (true story)? Sorry I don’t have sympathy for those that don’t understand the basic laws of physics.
  7. The HOV lane is not a requirement to drive in; its just a lane that only 2+ passenger vehicles can drive in. Given that, please read point #2 AGAIN.
  8. PLEASE, PLEASE stop slamming on your brakes to let the slow people in #4 get on the freeway. It’s their job to match the speed of the freeway, not the other way around.

Ok, enough of my soapbox, you get the point. Or, maybe not. If not, then how about this: if you drive a car in Seattle, you are contributing to global warming and killing lots of polar bears. And trees. And Al Gore will be very disappointed in you. Barack Obama too. So take the bus. Better for all of us.

Pictures from downtown Seattle

It was a beautiful day in Seattle; I spent the morning with the boys at work as I caught up on some things and let them play in my office. I remembered my camera and took some pictures of the Olympic mountains across the sound. On the way home, I stopped atop the Eastgate Park-and-Ride and snapped some pictures of downtown Seattle with the Olympics in the background (my favorite view of the Seattle area).

Color around the mountains reflect the haze and angle I got with my 300x zoom. Didn’t do the day justice.

The entire gallery is here, and you can also view a slideshow version. I’m guessing the images below will be too small to do justice.

Snoqualmie all over the news

Wow, what a center of attention our little bit of paradise has become.

First, apparently there’s some jostling with the leadership of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe, which is relevant because they are building a casino nearby (we can see the construction cranes from Snoqualmie Parkway).

Second, protests are planned for gay-day at Mount Si High School. Gee, nobody saw this coming.

Thank you Captain Obvious

Nice to see our tax dollars being spent to answer such challenging questions like uh… what would happen if we charged people lots of money to drive on our roads? The shocking finding: people would drive less. Really? Wow, utter shock.

I hear Washington has a great school system; maybe these reporters are from out of state.

Let me at $3 million in federal tax dollars and I’ll be more than happy to answer obvious questions like “who likes the Seattle Seagals more, men or women?” and “does consuming more alcohol make people more or less coherent?”

From the article:
“At the core of the study was a groundbreaking experiment: Researchers recruited drivers in 275 Seattle-area households to pay virtual tolls — with real-world economic consequences — then observed how their driving patterns changed.”

Groundbreaking? Maybe if you were educated with an innertube and a banana. Anyone with an IQ higher than that of a shag carpet would have figured that out.

By the way, this study follows another “groundbreaking study”: reducing the amount of land available for private use increases the market value of private land. Really? You mean my Econ 101 professor wasn’t lying to me about supply and demand? Gee, thanks for that key piece of insight. I could have told you that when I bought this house three years ago.

This is what passes for news in this town.

An interesting piece of data…

… despite only being at Amazon three years, I have more seniority than 60% of the employees at Seattle’s HQ, and 75% of all of Amazon’s employees. Weird, eh?