The soap opera that is the Snoqualmie Valley School District

Let me ask the audience a question.

Imagine, hypothetically, a bond proposal was put on a ballot for the community to vote on, and the result of that vote was 58/42 rejecting it (60% is required to pass).

Now imagine the exact same proposal was put in front of the voters again, and that proposal was rejected 58/42.

What would you guess would happen if a very similar proposal was put in front of the voters a third time, during a time when the economy has turned south?

What? You think it would fail 58/42. Well of course you’d be right.

Which is exactly what happened with the latest bond proposal. Surprise, surprise. Sigh.

We have an overcrowded high school in the Snoqualmie Valley School District. Or so I hear. So it’s imperative that the school board figure out a way to alleviate the overcrowding. You’d think that they would ask the voters to vote on funding a new school. Well, they have. But they’ve also overloaded the proposal with another school, a myriad of school repairs (don’t those fall under M&O?), a second stadium, etc. Lots of pork to go along with the high school.

So, there is time to put a proposal in front of the voters to fund one (1) High School. No bells, no whistles, just one high school to educate the students. The decision by the Snoqualmie Valley School Board? Nope, can’t do something that common sense. Ridiculous. This is not a hard problem to solve, unless you make it a hard problem.

Of course, we’ve been in the area long enough and have heard enough stories about the local high school (Mount Si) that Amy and I have already decided our boys won’t attend there. You can read some of those stories at the Coalition to Defend Eduction, and those are just the tip of the iceberg.


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