Spencer gets his Green Belt

A couple weeks late, and no video, and we had a bad angle for pictures, and… anyway, Spencer got his Green Belt.

He’s also now in the Black Belt Club, which is cool because he gets to learn how to use weapons. Responsibly of course. And I get to play with those weapons, only I’m not sworn to any secret code of responsibility like Spencer is, BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Can’t wait until the Ridge ROA sends me another dumb warning letter that there’s a twig out of place in my yard. For you lawyers out there, I’m just kidding of course.

This was cool, Spencer did a “hook kick” to break a board. Very impressed he was able to pull it off. Normally they don’t do that at that young of an age but the instructors let them give a go. And what do ya know, all the blue belts were able to do it. A lesson for us all.


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