I would like to see the entire game

This is a call to every company out there that is involved with recording television shows.

I don’t know how Windows Media Center (back when I used MC it was just as bad) or TiVo work in this space, but I am getting frustrated by Directv’s capabilities. Specifically, Directv needs to fix:

1. Ability to record an event. I do not want to record channel 773 from 4pm to 6:30pm. I want to record the Detroit Red Wings game. That usually runs over. And that means I always miss the end of the game unless I happen to be home to remember to record the show right after the game. Granted this only occurs when Versus or HDNet show the game (NHL Center Ice records like six hours so never a problem… maybe they have the foresight to figure this out).

I hear the Wings beat Vancouver 3-2 last night. Too bad my recording stopped while 2-2 with five minutes to go in the game. Would have liked to see the shootout.

2. As I’ve pontificated before, I really want Directv to provide more intelligent search and recording capabilities. I understand TiVo does this really well. So copy what they do! Sheesh. I want to record all Detroit Red Wings games, just one version of it. How hard can that be to implement? Have a college intern figure it out.

At some point the overhead to manage recordings outweighs the benefits of doing so. Big Ten Network is valuable to me only to the extent that I can record the games and watch them later. I think NHL Center Ice has figured this out, and to a lesser extent so has NFL Sunday Ticket. Both will have their listings over a large block of time. Granted, that is a hack, but nonetheless it works. It does put the networks at a disadvantage. However, why can’t Directv get a end of game indicator to signal a game or event is over? Seems like this would apply in a lot of situations – presidential speeches, “we interrupt this broadcast,” etc.


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