Linksys WGA600N Review

Rock on! Wow, what a difference an adapter makes. The throughput on this is unbelieveable. I didn’t all of sudden get mad skillz over the last couple of days, but since upgrading my XBox 360 to a Linksys WGA600N on Friday all of sudden I am ending up with the most points on Call of Duty 4. Four bars, all the time. No drops. All the while my Mac is uploading a gig of pictures. Very impressed with the connection reliability of the WGA600N relative to my old Xbox wireless adapter. I haven’t had to touch the configuration once since I installed it.

By the way, for you Mac owners out there… the web-management utility for the WGA600N doesn’t work in Safari 3.0, but I did get it to work under Firefox. Still a little disappointed that Linksys doesn’t have better Mac support, but once its up and running, its a dream.


3 responses to “Linksys WGA600N Review

  1. Hi James,

    I just bought the adapter myself along with a new Linksys N router. There is another Linksys router which is dual band which I am thinking would be better. Might I ask what router you are using?


  2. James V Reagan

    I have a WRT150N router. Works quite nicely together, which is interesting because I’ve had a lot of performance problems with non-Linksys devices connecting to that router – seems to like to drop connections quite a bit.

  3. James,

    I am using the Linksys WRT160N router and I cannot seem to get the setup right. Might you impart your wisdom regarding how you got it to work? I would greatly appreciate it.


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