poor product selection, being out of stock on many items, extremely high prices (higher than, say, gas stations), and lack of a good bakery/produce is not a recipe for business success on Snoqualmie Ridge. The Seattle Times is reporting that the owners have filed for bankruptcy.

To be fair, the City of Snoqualmie and the land owners didn’t help matters. They refuse to let that space be built facing Snoqualmie Parkway (the main thoroughfare) so they miss out on passer-by traffic, and I’m sure the rent there is just as outrageous as the rents other business owners pay in the area. Still, hard to believe that a grocery store can’t be successful with the number of residents and kids in Snoqualmie Ridge and the fact that Snoqualmie doesn’t have a grocery store.

Hopefully someone with a little more business sense can make effective use of that retail space, although the space is too small for a large chain like QFC or Safeway to move in.

I hate to be non-sympathetic to the owners who took a business risk, but I felt they simply tried to take advantage of the community by price gouging them. No wonder people continued to shop in Issaquah and North Bend.


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