On the Purdue head coach situation

Now that I think about it, keeping Tiller around in 2008 isn’t a bad idea.

1. You have to pay his salary anyway. His contract runs through 2010.
2. He, IMHO, hasn’t been putting too much effort into the program in the last 3 years. So, not like there can be a drop-off.
3. Someone has to calculate hang time.
4. He can’t insult the fanbase any more than he already has.

I guess I don’t like the idea of keeping him around “just so he can get the record.” Seems shady to me. If he wanted the all time wins record at Purdue, he could have done that the last three years!!!

I guess I’d also like to see Danny Hope put his mark on the program right away. This isn’t a situation where Purdue is doing very well and simply time for Joe to retire and this is a smooth way to do it. Purdue is heading downhill with no brakes in site. Saved only by the fact that we play I-AA and MAC teams every year. I hated with Minnesota and Wisconsin used to pad their schedules like that, and I hate when Purdue does it.


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