Check out our Fathead

We (ok, Amy) recently redid the toy room upstairs, decorating it in the colors and decor of our alma mater, Purdue. The walls were painted with Old Gold paint from Home Depot. Amy put a football field on one wall, the rest donn the Old Gold and Black (and white).

We also picked up a Purdue football field rug – very cool and sits nicely on the existing carpeting. Hopefully it absorbs spilled juice and milk without a trace.

And finally we ordered a Fathead Purdue helmet for the football field wall. We finally got around to putting it up tonight. Turned out much better than I expected and the Fathead was much easier to put on the wall than I expected. In addition, we got (for free) two smaller decals that we put on either side of the closet. I wish I would have known Fathead did those smaller ones – we’d buy a bunch of those to decorate the room.

Yes that’s Garrett trying to convince me to let him watch a movie at 9pm at night. He won.

This picture shows how well Home Depot’s paint matched Purdue’s official colors.


One response to “Check out our Fathead

  1. Natasha Robinson

    Hi James-

    I ran across your blog on Fathead while I was researching the product for a story. I was hoping that we could speak briefly about what led you to Fathead, how your buying process went, how you heard about it…all that stuff.

    I am only in the office a couple days a week as a part-timer, however I check my e-mail daily. Please let me know if you’re interested in talking to me as part of the story and what your availability is. If you’re not interested in being interviewed, feel free to pass this message on to a friend or family member that you know has purchased a Fathead and/or Wallbanger product, or any other similar type of wall graphic.


    Natasha Robinson
    Associated Press
    300 River Place, Ste. 2400
    Detroit, MI 48207
    (313)259-6590 – office
    (313)259-4966 – fax

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