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A better stock chart

I really like the new Yahoo! beta finance charts. Way cool.

Now that’s what I’m talking about

Nice graph, Go AMZN.

Looks like my threat to sue Azazel worked

Sunny skies, warm temps. Seattle denizens can thank me in the comment section.

This is not part of the deal

As I sit in my 8th floor office in downtown Seattle, looking West and South out my office windows, I see my sixth straight day of overcast skies. Each of those days also had periods of rain.

When I moved to Seattle, I signed an agreement with the State of Washington that outlined the Terms and Conditions relative to the weather here. To paraphrase, here’s what was in that contract:

Thank you for considering the Greater Seattle area for your home. Before finalizing your move, you should be aware of a few things.

Note that the City of Seattle is, in effect, owned and operated by the operators of Hell. Surprised? Well, how else could an election in which more votes were cast than registered voters been pulled off! As such, we see to that it’s ok for the homeless to urinate in front of retail establishments, for criminals to receive “counseling” (he he) instead of punishment, that there are no reasonably priced tasty restaurants in the entire metropolitan area, and that ultra-liberals have a place to terrorize the working community. In addition, and in accordance with Southern California’s deal with the devil, we move clouds and rain originally destined for Beverly Hills up to Seattle. As such you will not see the sun between Sept 1 and June 1, and it will rain every single day between then.

Now, even those of us in the Inferno enjoy a vacation now and then (and not just to the other levels), so we take off between June 1 and Sept 1 each year, leaving the Seattle area with sunny skies, mid-70s temperatures, and not a drop of rain.

Your signature below signifies your understanding of these weather conditions and that you forfeit your right to sue Azazel, Inc. because you are sun-deprived.

Again, I’m paraphrasing. My new REI rain jacket was supposed to be for the fall and winter, not July 😦

Some pics

Last weekend we were busy with “Day out with Thomas” (a train ride in Snoqualmie with a “real” Thomas the Tank Engine) and a trip to Tacoma to see “Walking with Dinosaurs” (a cool show with robotic, lifelike dinosaurs). Unfortunately no really good pics to show, but posting some nonetheless.

Take your kids to work day, 2007 edition

I took Spencer to work with me on Wednesday, and he had fun except for lunch (too crowded, too crazy). I actually did get some work done while he was with me and he behaved great, having fun on my white board and inventing things with tape.

My office overlooks Qwest Field and Safeco Field. Only a kid would consider that a great view 🙂

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife, Amy

Here’s to many more joyous years together.

Rest in Peace Grandpa Popp

Biologically, he wasn’t my grandpa, but my Grandpa Popp never let bloodlines stand in the way. He was my grandpa, he did grandpa things with me (walks to feed the ducks by his house, Belle Isle, taught me to play pool), and due to his love and generosity, I never knew any better.

He lived a long, fun, accomplished life. I’m glad he was able to meet Spencer on multiple occasions, but sad that he never met Garrett. The world finds itself short one awesome baker, has a little less humor today, and one less devoted Lions fan.

Making the world safe from unsightly yard waste containers

Gotta love the priorities certain people of authority have. Take the Snoqualmie Ridge Homeowner’s (insert a Beavis and Butthead giggle here) Association. Working to make our community safe from the string of thefts and vandals in our community? Nope. Working to ensure our children have a safe environment to walk to school next year due to the larger “no bus” zone? Screw that. No folks, in Snoqualmie Ridge the biggest societal problem facing us is people who store their yard waste constainers in such a way that if someone walking or driving by pauses and looks reaaaaal close, they can still see the container. For shame.

Take the Reagans for example. Why, they just store their yard waste container on the side of their house. The nerve of these people! What if the children of the community see it? Or potential home shoppers? Agast.

Never fear, Ridge residents, for the Snoqualmie Ridge Homeowner’s Association has taken swift action and drafted a stern letter Adolf Hitler himself would be proud of, and demanded that the Reagans comply with all Snoqualmie Ridge Homeowner Association policies, especially the Waste Container Storage Policy. We will ensure they comply first thing in the morning, or we will fine them. Serves them right for thinking they have freedoms, supporting our troops, voting Republican, and driving non-hybrid vehicles.

Thank you captain obvious

Nice to see public tax dollars funding such obvious phenomenons as wives rule the home over their wuss husbands. Well, duh. And the researchers (one male, one female) were surprised at the conclusion. Clearly they aren’t married.

To paraphrase Bill Cosby – “My wife is the boss of our home. I don’t know when I lost it. I don’t know where I lost it. I don’t even know if I ever had it. And after seeing what she does, I don’t want it.” Amen, Bill.

And the researchers hint that this is a recent phenomenon. Bull. No way civilization (ok, western civilization) progresses to this point if men are ruling the home for any extended period of time.