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What I do for a living

Struggling for a blog topic other than “Go Wings,” so for those wondering what I do, here ya go (for the uninitiated, Dilbert is starring in the role of James Reagan). You might need to click on the pic.

Not even 12 hours had transpired…

and I watched that uber-American pastime unfold: the blame game. Fox News had a healthy dose of “finding blame” during its coverage yesterday evening. And last night I read this article. Good thing I didn’t post what I originally crafted last night.

Chris Rock said it best after the Columbine shootings – what ever happened to crazy? Why do we need to find blame, understanding, etc? Occam’s Razor suggests that the “blame” for yesterday’s tragedy lies with the perpetrator. That’s it. Not with the University President. Not with the campus police. Not with laws preventing conceal carry on college campuses in Virginia. Not with Hollywood violence.

And I always, always find it amazing that the same media sources that cry foul about privacy are the same ones that expect things like yesterdays shootings (or, say, 9/11) to have been prevented. You can pick two of privacy, freedom, and security. But not all three. Choose which one you are willing to give up (I personally prefer to give up privacy… I like freedom and security). Reagan’s Theorem. And my corallary… the media likes it that way – always something to bitch about.

This is utterly horrible

I’m having focusing on work right now as I’m reading up on the Virgina Tech shootings. I can’t ever imagine what it must be like to go through something like that (whether its Columbine, the tower shootings at UT, etc). My sympathies and prayers for the students, faculty, and families involved.

An excellent read

This is a very long read, but just an outstanding article on debunking the great myths of our day. And very funny in spots too.

The author nails the real point as well… it’s not that there are conspiracy theorists out there… it’s that there are millions of them (as the author points out, look at the positive response Rosie got when she stated that the US Gov’t brought down the WTC).

Part two is up at Eject! Eject! Eject!

Well said, Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock’s view on the Imus situation. While much of this sounds like sour grapes and pot shots at Imus, Whitlock’s core message is spot on – why aren’t people outraged when radio is used to glorify violence and disrespect toward black women? A little consistency, people, is all I ask.

While I’m at it, Michael Savage is wrong. He states that the Imus firing is, in essense, a war on free speech and that free speech is at risk. Once again, we have someone misunderstaning our First Amendment and what free speech (and freedom) is all about.

The Imus situation is exactly what it right about America. Got it? Freedom. Freedom for Imus to make a comment and not be persecuted or punished by the government for what he said. Freedom for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to express feigned or legitimate outrage. Freedom for the Rutgers basketball players to cry foul and claim their lives are ruined. Freedom for CBS and MSNBC to pull the plug on Imus. Freedom for me to say who the hell is Don Imus and why should I care? This is exactly what freedom is about. Freedom to make choices, without government interference. Whatever your position is on Imus, Sharpton, or the players, one thing is for certain… the system works. Freedom of speech is alive and well. Until the government decides to ban the term “hos.”

Ah, the best time of the year…

The Stanley Cup Playoffs. Life is good. At this instant I’m watching Dallas get a 5-on-3 in the second OT against Vahn-coooooo-ver. Nice being able to stay up and watch the west coast double IT games and its not even 11pm yet 🙂

PS Go Wings!

Happy Easter

We held our second Easter feast-for-those-that-don’t-have-family-in-the-area today, deep-frying a turkey, baking a orange-and-lemon glazed ham, and enjoying the various side dishes brought by our friends. A great time was had by all, and looking forward to doing it again next year.

A new washer and dryer

Yeah, I know, not the most exciting blog post in the world, but after our washer died on Saturday we made haste and picked up a Whirlpool Duet HT washer/dryer pair and had them installed yesterday. Pedestals are taller than the old ones we had in Michigan City, they are much quieter than our old smaller, Kenmore front-loaders (built by GE I believe), and much larger capacity. The old ones rattled the house on spin cycle, the Duets don’t.

It was weird buying a house with very nice kitchen appliances (everything is stainless steel or satina finished in the kitched) but laundry appliances very “economic.” Now we’ve corrected that. Hopefully they last us 20 years!