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I just keep being surprised

Another piece of good news in the War on Terror, this time from Congress. The House voted to protect ‘John Does’ on flights. As pointed out in the blogosphere, all of the no votes were Democrats. How interesting. Credit to the Dems who crossed the line on this one to protect Americans.

Spring arrives

Or, at least the sun came out today for the first time in a couple of months. We took the opportunity to take a hike down one of our favorite trails, the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, and hang out at the Tokul Creek Bridge.

Let me just say…

in the only NCAA pool I am participating in, I picked all four final four teams.

Finally some progress and sense

This is what I like to read. Unfortunately stories like these are few and far between. Kudos to the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

For those that haven’t followed the CAIR/Iman/test-of-US-security story, six muslims, while boarding a plane, basically acted as if they were terrorists. Praying before the flight, asking for seat belt extensions (even though they weren’t overweight) and putting them under their seat, and not sitting in their assigned seats – instead sitting in classically hijack formation in pairs at the front, middle, and back of the plane. When asked to deplane, CAIR (an org whose leaders have been convicted of having ties to middle eastern terrorist orgs) files a discrimination lawsuit. Even the FAA and FBI said the passengers and US Airways acted appropriately. But of course they did. Cries of discrimination, like they always have been, are used to put the fear into people from speaking out against that which is wrong. And CAIR is playing that card, as it has been played so well in the US over the last 20+ years (at least as long as I can remember).

And I never did publicly give kudos to Barbara Boxer for standing up against CAIR. Kudos to you, Barbara. I may never agree with any of your policies, but great to see our representatives stand up to terrorist organizations.

Taxes done

Did my taxes online with TurboTax again. Nice having all that data centrally stored for future retrieval. Very easy to do, and the bonus of Washington not having a state income tax is that I didn’t have to file anything with the state. Very cool.

Took 10 days to get my refund with efile. I cashed out some mutual funds earlier this year to move to our IRAs, so I expected to owe (which is why I didn’t start them until a couple weeks ago), but turns out that thousand-plus I spend on mortgage interest every month adds up to a nice deduction. This year I need to do a better job of tax planning so as not to give the government as big of a loan!

Bainbridge Island pics

Back in February we took a ferry trip to see Chris and Martin Kratt of Zoboomafoo fame at Bainbridge High School. We took the opportunity to check out this nice little island sitting in Puget Sound.

Ferry ride was only 35 minutes, and it has nice views of downtown Seattle with the Cascades in the background. The east side of the island reminded us of the Michiana Shores area in Michigan City, with the modest homes, residentially-zoned areas, and private access to the water. We enjoyed lunch at a decent barbeque joint in nearby Paulsbo, and we found a park for the kids to get out and stretch their legs.

Tried to get some pictures of Seattle and the Cascades, but by the time we started to take pictures it started to get dreary and we were a little far from Seattle for our camera zoom.

And yes, I thought seeing the chickens in someone’s driving was quite funny. Made me think a little bit of Indiana followed us out west.

More Pictures

A few weeks back the boys and I took a ferry trip over to Bremerton and enjoyed checking out the town, the parks, and watching ferries in the sound.

Three Piggy Opera

Spencer’s all-day kindergarten class put on “The Three Piggy Opera” earlier this week. Parents and familiy were invited. Very nicely done, full engagement by the entire class, the kids looked like they had fun, and the parents enjoyed it as well.

Pictures were hard to do, but here’s what we have. Spencer is in the middle row in the red shirt.

Another WTF

One of these days someone needs to tell the Bush and the administration that a key component of the war on terror is to actually not fund terrorist activities (in this case providing a US-taxpayer funded platform for terrorists and their propoganda).

At least when CNN supports terrorists it does so as a private entity.

Congrats to the Boilers on a fine year

After two single-digit win seasons, I never would have thought 2007 would have ended with a NCAA tourney win and taking the defending champs the distance. Alas, that’s exactly where Purdue ended up, and kudos to Matt Painter for turning the program around so quickly.

Ah, if only David Teague would have had one of his 25+ point nights that he is capable of but we rarely see, today’s outcome would have been different. Nonetheless, it wasn’t to be. We’ll see if Purdue can build on this for next year, despite the loss of Teague and Landry. Good job, Boilers. Thanks for getting me excited about Purdue basketball again.