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24: 11am-12pm

Ok, has this show jumped the shark? Spoiler alert…

Once again, another show that really wasn’t worth my time out of a busy day. Sigh.
We meet Jack’s father, played by James Cromwell. I best know him as the bad guy from LA Confidential. He’s still alive?

And, of course, a little foreshadowing with token hot arab chick getting reduced access to CTU computers, only to have single white guy give her access to the network. Not good. Sheesh, make it a little more obvious. I bet she’s not uncovered as the mole until closer to the end.

And it is oh so comforting that the arabs in the detention center are not terrorists… they’re just glad a nuke went off and glad that more will go off.

And Jack gets himself into a bind at the end, at the mercy of his brother now, who has given orders to kill Jack and his father. Given that there is still 18 hours left in the show, I wonder whether Jack will escape? Hmmm.

Last two shows have been lacking in any redeeming quality whatsoever. I believe the Jack kill count for each is zero. Huh? That can’t be right. Although Jack did get a little torture in.

I guess the new Audi R8 isn’t in my price range

Test drives start at $5,000 on eBay. Although no bids yet.

Taking money from working people…

is now considered ‘generous’ in Washington.

The New Deal was one of the worst things that happened in the history of our great country. Why am I required to fund for others that aren’t responsible enough to manage their own finances? I realize I already do, but why does it continue to get progressively worse?

the answer is four

The question? How many consecutive days can I eat pizza without getting sick of it. Argh, I don’t want to see pizza for a while.

Garrett turned two on Sunday

We had a get together with the neighbors, ordering way too much Papa Murphy’s pizza, and watching football while the kids played.

After everyone had left, Garrett managed to find his way to the leftover cake.

He gave it a good try blowing out the candles.

One of Garrett’s first presents he opened was this Thomas the Train motorized train set. He set his sights on that and didn’t open any more presents Sunday!

Well that was uneventful

Spoiler alert for 24…

Ok, so evil bald-headed mastermind from Day 5 is really Jack’s brother. Well, this is fiction, so I guess that’s ok.

I predict evil terrorist-turned-peacemaker dude is really a bad guy after all, and we’ll find out in the next few hours that this was just a ploy to get intelligence on CTU. And I predict that token hot arab chick is evil as well, simply because she has added no value in the first five hours so far.

And I predict I will vomit if I have to hear President Palmer’s sister open her mouth for one more second.

If 24 continues to follow its successful formula, tonight was a setup show for a big plot twist next week, including learning which of the current good guys is really a bad guy.

This week wasn’t worth watching. They really need a 24 recommendations site giving a yea/nay vote on the show so that people can determine whether they need to tune in or just read the Cliff notes.

Another try at hi-res video

This time I used Google Video… you’ll have to click here to view it.