Monthly Archives: December 2006

Guess I was wrong…

Perhaps there are some ramifications to the DA in the Duke LaCrosse case.

Some Christmas pics

I made out well on Christmas… a new waterproof, windbreaking cycling jacket, and a pair of cold-weather cycling gloves, both from REI. Tried them out a couple days ago in a steady cold rain, and along with my rainpaints they worked great. I am now officially ready for any weather the Northwest can throw at me.

Obviously the kids had fun on Christmas, and thankfully they did not get up early and we didn’t have to start opening presents until 9-ish.

Pics of them and their loot…

Merry Christmas!

Santa already dropped by our house, looking forward to a fun morning with the kids 🙂

A fine day with friends

We invited a number of people over for Chistmas Eve “lunch.” but only the Dykstras and Vassighs took us up on the offer. We enjoyed having their families over and partaking in one of my favorite entrees – deep fried turkey! Was a challenge to position the deep fryer in such a way so it didn’t get blown over, didn’t get rain in the oil, and didn’t put the house at risk of burning down. Alas, I found a good location and we had a fine meal, enjoyed a couple of football games, and let the kids play. Perhaps the start of a fine tradition at the Reagan abode.

This year’s family Christmas photo

Need some fantasy football help

Ok, I made it to the championship game as a #4 seed, blowing out the #1 team 93-28. Now I face a team with LaDanian Tomlinson and Chicago as a defense. Ouch, I’m really up a river.

I will start Frank Gore at running back, but for my other starting I have Rudi Johnson, Willie McGahee, and Corey Dillon. I really don’t want to rest my chances with Dillon so that leaves Johnson (at Denver) and McGahee (hosting Tennessee). My gut tells me McGahee.

My WRs suck: Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Henry, Heinz Ward, Terry Glenn, and Javon Walker. Walker is a starter, and I will start Glenn. I can’t see starting Fitzgerald, so down to Henry vs. Ward. Both can put up big numbers in a game, but rarely do. I need to flip a coin on this one.

Something tells me I should consider starting Henry and Johnson, resting my chances on the Bengals putting up points in Denver.

And we should be having dialogue with Iran?

Judge rules Iranian government financed 1996 Saudi terrorist bombing.