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Time for more pictures

I posted pictures of our hike across Rattlesnake Mountain, so I won’t repeat them here. But some updates…

Last Saturday we had a really interesting fog in the valley. As you can see, clear day, except for the very low fog in the Valley. The picture is taken from Snoqualmie Ridge as we descend down the Parkway into the Valley. Very cool, and the first time I can remember seeing mountain tops but not the bases!

We had a visitor in our backyard a couple weekends ago. I thought we left our deer troubles behind in the midwest!

Amy posing at Grand Prospect.

Amy took Spencer to a Lego event where Spencer got to participate in helping make a Lego exhibit. And of course he came home with a new box of legos.

Spencer at Remlinger Farms on “the boat.”

On the tractors at Remlinger Farms.

Garrett in a couple of pumpkin patches.

Nice picture of me and Spencer… me refereeing, and Spencer taking a corner kick.

On the boat ride at Remlinger Farms.

Go Lions!

I am sure this will offend some people, but I found this funny. Who knows, after a week finding out that CNN has connections to the Iraqi Islamic Army and is willingly serving as a channel for their propoganda, I needed a good laugh.

Who knows, maybe CNN’s anti-America crusade is just what is needed to get the silent majority to show up at the polls in a few weeks.

Removing the subjectiveness from hits out of bounds

This is an idea I’ve had for a long time, and will take away the subjectiveness of late hits out of bounds in football. And it’s easy:

1. You’re in the white area, you’re fair game.
2. You’re past the white area and you get touched, 15 yards.

Any questions? Very simple, very objective. Ball carriers know that they are fair game in the white area. Tacklers know exactly where they will get flagged.

In essense the white area becomes the buffer zone, instead of the grey area it is today.

It’s football, people. Players are going to get hit.

And stop protecting the quarterback. He’s a player like anyone else. Either get tougher players, have more blockers, or run the ball more.

Within 10 years the NFL will have the QB wearing flags…

Amazon Breast Cancer Research Store

This is interesting, Amazon has created an Amazon’s Breast Cancer Research Store listing products whose manufacturers contribute to Breast Cancer Research.

About those 0-5 Lions…

I must say, I feel good about this team. Strange for a winless team (and a team that really hasn’t come close to winning, sans week 1), but they have a great attitude, are unpredictable, and are making plays. Some disappointment in the skilled players like Roy Williams and Kevin Jones, and Shaun Rogers isn’t stepping up the way he is capable, but the rest of the team seems to be playing above their abilities. Now if we can just get some talent!

Also, watching the Lions on Media Center is SO much easier… I can record the game, and flip through an entire game in about half an hour. Way cool, and I don’t have to plan my Sundays around football anymore. Downside is I can only record one game at a time, so my NFL Sunday Ticket kinda goes to waste… I’ve turned it into a Lions PPV option.