Monthly Archives: April 2006

Garrett is back home…

After a day of I-Vs, Garrett is back home and smiling again. He gets a checkup on Friday to make sure he’s ok, but glad he’s home so quickly.

Garrett is spending the night in the hospital

Garrett picked up a flu bug, has gotten himself dehydrated, and will be staying in Children’s Hospital in Seattle tonight until they can get him hydrated and he starts eating/drinking on his own and keeping it down. Don’t have much news about his quarters as Amy just left to take him there. Nothing serious, just something that requires medical attention.

Happy Easter!

I believe this was the first time we entertained guests that did not involve putting something on the grill. Instead, we deep-fried a 20 lb turkey with three neighboring households. Our four families tend to get together quite a bit, and this was the first time we actually hosted everyone. A good time was had by all (I think), and the turkey turned out great! Hopefully the start of a new tradition in our family.

For the third time…

I attended a Wiggles show with the family. First time Garrett got to see the Wiggles live, and he enjoyed it. Spencer did too, of course, especially anything to do with Murray Wiggle. It was also first time I’ve ever actually done anything in Tacoma (other than drive through it) as the show was at the Tacoma Dome.

Three more months of rain and dreary weather…

Spencer gets his yellow stripe belt

Spencer’s hard work and focus paid off this past weekend by getting his yellow stripe belt during his latest test. He was very proud of himself as were we. And he broke a board without any help!

It just works

At least that should be the motto of Apple. Yes, their products are way more expensive than others in the same “class,” but the time I’ve-a-wasted on non-apple products costs me so much more in the end.

My latest problem was getting my GPS device to communicate with some Windows software. After a couple hours trying to debug my USB-to-Serial adapter with no luck, I finally just plugged it into my iMac, downloaded SimpleGPS and Voila! It worked out of the box. Go figure.

I’m in the market for a new laptop, and looks like that new MacBook Pro moved its way to the top of the list despite the price. Hopefully my friends in Redmond have some those Windows compatibility issues in Vista.