Monthly Archives: July 2005

Time for another picture upload

Yesterday was’s annual picnic. Very nice, Spencer had loads of fun. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we forgot the camera. So here’s some other pics. Spencer is taking Tae Kwon Do here in Snoqualmie Ridge. We’re hoping he learns a little discipline as we have failed as parents to teach him =)

How interesting

Looks like the new Supreme Court Justice nominee grew up in Long Beach (a stone’s throw from where we lived in Indiana). And La Lumiere was a school Amy and I would have likely sent Spencer and Garrett if we had stayed in the area (if we couldn’t get moved to Granger). Interesting trivia for Amy and I, probably boring for everyone else =)

Looks like I better read that Washington Driver’s Guide after all

The state of Washington has a new licensed driver today… my wife. Apparently I’m a danger to my fellow Washington residents and failed my driver’s license test. Please enter your jokes in the comments section.

Oh damn I REALLY want one of these!

Don’t ask me how I ran across this (working late the mind comes up with strange web queries)…

The Robo Lawnmower


Gee, I wonder what else I can find in robotic gear…

Adding pictures

Normally I use a tool called “Hello” to upload – that’s what I did with the other pictures today. I’m going to try Blogger’s integrated solution and see what happens. Look for a picture in this post… not sure where it will end up.

Downtown Seattle as seen from West Seattle

making do