Monthly Archives: March 2005

Congrats to Bruce Weber

I’m not an Illinois fan, but my wife and I are big fans of Bruce Weber and were sad to see him leave the Purdue program several years back. Glad to see him get to the Final Four. He is going to be a thorn in Purdue‘s side for a long time.

Let’s Party

So here’s the photo I received back from iPod My Photo. Not bad (like I said when I sent it off I didn’t think they had much to go by). For some reason Spencer looks like the boy from the Matrix who says “Just remember the truth… there is no spoon.”

I’m also adding the source photo for a comparison.

Picked up a PSP tonight

The local EA Games had a couple PSPs in stock, so I grabbed one. Picked up Tiger Woods Golf as well. The value kit comes with Spiderman 2 movie in the new UMD format.

Will not get a chance to do much with it tonight, as Spencer has already put on his Spiderman clothes and gloves and is watching the Spiderman movie. I’m dying to see how it plays online – supposedly it comes with built-in Wifi.

Dear Customer???

Wow. So I apply for a new account at (as I referenced below), and I get an email from them thanking me for my application. The salutation???

“Dear Customer”

Wow, how personalized. Gee, I gave them me and my wife’s name, drivers license, and bank account. You’d think they could do a little better than that! Something like…

“Dear cheap bastard, how much college do you think that measly $100 is going to pay for?”

“Dear joker, we looked at your checking account, and you’re not worth having as a customer”

“Dear leadfoot, we looked up your driving record.”

“Hey mister paid-off-both-their-cars, we have auto refiance loans…”

I mean come on! “Dear Customer”? Tom Peters would be so impressed.

And, if that’s how bad they are with managing data, it doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in managing my financial data.

If anyone wants a free $25…

email me and I will refer you to ING Direct. I get $10 a referral, and you get $25 when you open your account. I don’t think there is a minimum, or at least it didn’t list it.

ING Direct has a 2.80% APY for their savings accounts. Pretty good, but not as good as, a new player which is currently offering 3.25%. I’ve been with ING Direct since 2002, and every time someone has “upped” ING they’ve have responded by upping their rates. But this is the first time I’ve seen someone a full half point ahead of ING, so I am going to move some of my money over there. Will watch both closely and see if EmigrantDirect is just offering a teaser rate (as my local bank, Horizon, loves to do) or they are serious.

Even the boring appliance industry has a blog

Check out ApplianceBlog.

Personally, I like That Home Site! better.

I now have Gmail invitations available

I know most of the world already has a Gmail account and I’m one of the last to get one, but if you would like one, please email me at