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Garrett off the bili light

Garrett was taken off the bili light yesterday, and he checked out just fine at the hospital today. So now he gets to move about the house =)

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Home from the hospital

Garrett and Amy were both released from the today. Garrett’s bilirubin count is higher than it should be, but the hospital (or hotispal as Spencer calls it) release him anyway… we will put Garrett on a bili light at home (same bug light that we used with Spencer). That’s not a big deal, but it does mean that Garrett will have his feet pricked every couple of days for blood to check for bilirubin.

Sheesh, more snow

Another 8 inches or so fell last night. As much as I love getting the snowblower out, this is getting old fast!

More Pictures

Garrett Gene Reagan

Garrett Gene Reagan was born this morning at 8:55 am at 9lbs 10oz (no, that is not a typo). Mom and baby are doing great. Despite Amy’s high blood pressure problems over the last couple of weeks, delivery was remarkably swift and trouble free.

Pictures will follow here as time permits. Amy is also maintaining a care page at (disclaimer: TLContact is a former client of mine). Care page name is “BabyReagan.”

It’s about that time

After a very interesting couple of weeks, it doesn’t appear that Amy is going into labor anytime soon. She still has high blood pressure, although so far she’s staved off pre-eclampsia.

As such, the doctor is going to induce labor Friday morning. That at least helps with planning =) Last time we did this Spencer was born 18 hours later. Here’s to a shorter delivery cycle (geez I’ve been reading too many business books).